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H.L. Sudler's PATRIARCH 10th Anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of H.L. Sudler's first book, PATRIARCH: My Extraordinary Journey from Man to Gentleman, Archer Publishing is re-releasing the publication with a new cover and new layout.

PATRIARCH will be released in April 2022 to coincide with Archer Publishing's 10th year as a publishing house.

PATRIARCH: My Extraordinary Journey from Man to Gentleman is a collection of essays by H.L. Sudler, which examines his life in the wake of his father's untimely death. Archer Publishing, which began as Three Kings Media in 1999 and changed its name in 2012, is a publishing house whose catalog concentrates on books that include and intersect mainstream and LGBT-themed works, with a strong representation of diversity across various genres, such as horror, drama, thrillers, essays, poetry, how-to, and non-fiction works.

Please visit Archer Publishing at View its catalog of books at

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