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A must-have recipe book for anyone who wishes to make restaurant-style cocktails at home, here are more than 150 selected recipes from all over the world, including mixed and frozen drinks, shots and spritzers, punches and sangrias. The book is full of color photography, with not only the history and background of various cocktails included, but also bartending techniques to make hosting your large and small gatherings a little easier.

Also included are hot and cold selections, international cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests who may not indulge or are serving as designated drivers.

CafeLiving is the Living and Lifestyle group of Archer Media Networks. The book is authored by Keith Vient, who has managed bars and restaurants for nearly a decade, and essayist and novelist H.L. Sudler.


"A neat little book jammed with tasty cocktail recipes." -- Goodreads reviewer



by Keith Vient and H.L. Sudler

ISBN: 978-0-9848460-4-7

Full Color, 150pgs

Paperback only


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