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From the creepy shadows of a child's bedroom to the dark halls of an abandoned property. And from the empty dance floor of a mysterious club to the haunting, ominous woods where a hunting expedition has gone horribly wrong.

Here on the dark side exists stories that include nightmarish black creatures, vengeful spirits, murderous endeavors, a legacy of blood, and a prophecy of disaster. You have no further to look than to your computer, your family, your church, or your local vampire. For here, the tales are darker than night. Bound to stay with you after the sun has gone down. Long into the witching hour.


"...a wonderful collection of eleven contrasting horror short stories..."Sandman" was mind-bendingly exquisite..."To Stitch a Heart" takes the reader on a fantastic journey..." -- Book Review Village, 5 Stars


"Darker Than Night does not disappoint. The Internet becomes part of the modern horror tale in "The Sunflowers" by Ollister Wade, as does technology in Michelle D. Ring's "An Exercise in Empathy". Good backstory enchants in "The Dark of Bryn Awel". H.L. Sudler's "Sandman" kept me reading as quickly as I could." -- Reviews by Amos Lassen



with Michelle D. Ring, Ollister Wade, John Adams, Andrew Phoenix, Danny Baird, James R. Lynch, David Helms, Eric Andrews-Katz, Caleb Howell, H.L. Sudler, and Rhidian Brenig Jones

ISBN: 978-1-7351993-2-0

e-Book (also available in paperback)

Darker Than Night: An Anthology of Horror

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