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Are you prepared to look in the mirror? Are you ready to look deep inside yourself?


Eleven stories, light and dark, stand ready to guide you through the dark caverns of the heart, through the bizarre corridors of the mind, down into the cell of your soul's fears.


In GOODMAN, the Devil takes on an unexpected form to torture his SKEEVE!, a thousand inhuman heartbeats seize the BLOOD MOON, a fraternity hazing takes a monstrous WRAITH, frightful apparitions deliver a ghastly NIGHT AS WE KNOW IT, lies and deception underscore a reunion between two old WAKE THE DEAD, grave robbers discover that evil never really MIDNIGHT, a handsome playboy has the worst birthday YOU WON'T FORGET ME, a serial killer plans an elaborate trap for his unsuspecting third victim, his DAYTRIPPERS, teens take a field trip they'll never THE FURY, a devastating betrayal sends a marriage spinning irreversibly out of control, and in THE LOOKING GLASS, flirtation takes an unusual route to love.

Are you ready to gaze into The Looking Glass?


"There really should be a warning sign before you look into this looking glass. The Looking Glass: Tales of Light and Dark by H.L. Sudler is a collection of eleven thought provoking and deeply disturbing visceral short stories. The stories are gritty, honest and in-your-face...This book will stay with you for some time and touch you to the core of your soul." -- Book Review Village



by H.L. Sudler

ISBN: 978-0-9848460-6-1

e-Book (also available Paperback)

The Looking Glass: Tales of Light and Dark

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